Workbench tops have usually the ingrate mission to bear up considerable amounts of wear and tear and, indeed, any hardwood worktop worth its salt will in fact do so, without cupping, chipping, twisting or cracking.

Made primarily of beech wood, our worktops, garage tops and the industrial workbenches are available in 1.5”, 2” and 3” thickness. Beech wood is a very good candidate for this kind of job since it wears well and stays smooth when subjected to repeated friction. That’s why beech wood floorings are such a common presence in factories and other high-traffic areas. With hardness scaled at 1300 on the Janka scale (comparable to the white oak in this regard), great elasticity, and remarkable shock-resistance, this guy surely can take a beating without complaining.

Unlike the kitchen tops, the beech wood garage workbenches display a bit of color variations, so the overall appearance is rather rustic. Dark and reddish streaks alternate with the creamy background hue.

All our worktops and woodworking benches come finished with marine grade teak oil, unless you specifically want them unfinished or treated with some other type of wood finishing of your choice. Unlike other oil finishes, the teakwood oil provides protection against a pretty wide range of harsh chemicals that the worktop might happen to come in contact with.