About us

Although unjustly pushed in a shadow cone on the North American continent, the solid wood countertops keep enjoying in Europe a constant and well-deserved presence. On average, two out of three modern kitchens on the Old Continent feature wood counter tops, wood kitchen islands tops or butcher blocks tops.

Although local fashion and interior design trends must be obviously taken into account, we dare to say that there is more than that. Wood is a material very easy to cut, shape, install and repair, when compared to any other countertop materials such as granite or solid surface, and it offers a similar functional lifetime for a plainly lower purchase price.

We, at Lafor, believe that it is specifically this balanced blend of style, functionality and affordability that recommends the solid wood tops as one of the best acquisitions for your home. We stand for this statement and for our butcher blocks tops and we guarantee to deliver our promises. As a great share of our business comes from direct referrals, the customer satisfaction is too important an aspect for us to ignore.

Therefore, dear customer, if you ever felt that the service level our staff provided or the product quality falls behind your expectations, please contact me directly on my personal e-mail address adrianlaza@hardwoodcountertops.com

Adrian Laza