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Welcome to LAFOR International

» Butcher blocks, wood countertops, wooden kitchens counters, bar tops; standard and custom size kitchen countertops, edge profiling, oil finishing.


Dear Friend,

Welcome to our small virtual shop.

Here, you will find a nice selection of wood countertops manufactured in the European tradition of craftsmanship: wood counters, end grain butcher blocks, bar tops, kitchen islands tops, kitchen countertops, chopping blocks, kitchen worktops, workbench tops, you name it, we get it.

Take your time to browse around. We tried to include in the next pages as much information as possible, although, as you will find out pretty soon, not much talking is needed, as the beauty of the wood tops speaks for itself.

If you are in a rush, however, here is in a nutshell what we offer:

  • End grain and edge grain full strip (no butt joints), or finger jointed wood tops built from valuable, time-tested hardwood species.

    We currently supply maple, beech wood, white oak, black locust, cherry, walnut, whitebeam, ash tree and hornbeam. All native to the Old World, each of these wood types have some particular outstanding feature, be it hardness, durability or exquisite aesthetics.

    African species: padauk, berlinia, avoura also available. Please check the Species section or call us for more details.

  • Immediate availability.

    We understand very well home renovation or kitchen remodeling process, including that hassle and inconvenience it comes with. We attempt, therefore, to help you shorten the period of time allotted to that indispensable nuisance by providing an exceptional lead-time. The standard-size kitchen counters, butcher blocks wood countertops, kitchen islands tops, kitchen countertops and bar tops that we have in stock are ready for shipping or delivery the very same day you place the order, while customized tops become available between 4 and 10 business days, depending on the particular customization.

  • Free samples.

    It is very important for us to help our customers make the right decision, so we give out kitchen wood counters samples large enough to be relevant for the real thing. In addition to getting an accurate idea about our products you can also test the samples, against scratches, cut marks, food stains or any other real-life incident you happen to be curious about. Or you can try various stains or varnishes to get the looks you specifically desire to match existing kitchen cabinets, flooring or stairs. The best wood countertop for your kitchen doesn't have to be the most expensive one; with a bit of imagination, you can get the finest visual effects with relatively inexpensive materials. There is absolutely no charge associated with these samples or their shipping.

  • Swift and economical shipping.

    Due to the volume we ship, we benefit from discounted rates from the freight forwarding and courier companies we work with. This way, we are able to pass these savings to our customers.

  • Your choice of mineral oil, waterlox tung oil or polyurethane finishing: satin, gloss or semi-gloss. Custom staining and varnishing are also available. Edge profiling and sink hole cut upon request. See the Installation section or call us for details.

  • A one year full warranty. See the warranty section for details.

Now, we thank you very much for you attention.

If anything from the above matched your interest, or stirred your curiosity, please come and take a closer look to the following pages.

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Butcher blocks counter tops, kitchen islands, wood countertops
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